Bitcoin ATM is a Kiosk that permits an individual to purchase Bitcoin with the use of ATM (Automated Teller Machine). There are some Bitcoin ATMs that provide bi-directional usefulness empowering both the buying of Bitcoin and also provide the sales of Bitcoin for money. Bitcoin machines are not actually equivalent to conventional ATMs but rather function using the same procedure.

Search a ATM machine

Importantly, you can easily locate over 1400 Bitcoin ATMs around the world with Bitcoin ATM Map. Utilize the map to discover Bitcoin Cash ATM areas close to you.

How to pay with Bitcoin

Moreover, the Bitcoin ATM are linked with the Internet, permitting the slotting of money or a credit card in return for Bitcoin. They look like conventional ATMs, yet they are not linked with bank account and rather connected to the client with straightforwardly to a Bitcoin trade.

However, this serves as a region and helpful approach to buy Bitcoin face to face. Regular areas for Bitcoin ATMs are within a retail shop, bar, eatery, shopping center or air terminal.

Procedures for paying with the  ATM

Step 1: Set-up an account

When you want to use Bitcoin machine for the first time, you need to set-up an account and then, sign in.

Step 2: Visit the nearest ATM

Find the nearest Bitcoin store in your region. Tap on the screen, choose language >> send Bitcoin, and put in your cash

Step 3: Enter the Receiver Information

Enter the beneficiary Bitcoin wallet address by following the guide given on the Kiosk display screen.

Step 4: Verification

A screen will pop-up requesting the verification of the payment amount and wallet address.

Step 5: Click on send

After you have verified the payment details, click on send/okay. Then, receive the print out from you’re the Bitcoin 

Note: The procedure for paying is very simple and may vary depending on the Bitcoin ATM type you want to use. However, worry not, operating Bitcoin ATM is just like normal ATM used by banks.


Step 6 : Payment confirmation

Payment Authentication with US @ order to validate your payment with US, you would need to send the receipt or type the details and send it via email to us