High Life Ganja Bonus

A reward is a type of remuneration whose payment is not totally ensured.  Bonuses are typically paid after specific specifications are met.

Moreover, Bonuses come in numerous shapes and sizes, yet as a rule, they’re execution-based, which means an organization shares them dependent on how clients patronize their products over a specific period of time or based on organization objectives—commonly income-based ones.

For what reason do we offer Bonuses?

However, the fundamental reason why businesses offer bonuses is on the grounds that they urge our customers or clients to patronize us often. This also a means to encourage their clients and generate more sales in return.

How to Bonuses are Paid

In general, Bonuses can be disseminated quarterly or yearly. Also, Bonuses can one-time or can be repeating.

Further, how bonuses are paid depends on the forms of Bonuses which are a yearly bonus, spot bonus, signing bonus, retention bonus, and referral bonus.

Meanwhile, the forms of bonus we offer to both our new and existing customers are yearly bonuses, referral bonuses, and commission.

Yearly Bonus

Yearly bonuses are normally a result of our customer’s total product purchase at the end of the year. So you may get a huge or little bonus (or nothing) as a result of how effective your purchase our products have accumulated for over 12 months.


Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus is intended to urge existing customers to refer their friends to make the purchase of products on our platform @ It’s normally based on the customer refer to make the purchase of our products over a specific period of time.