In general, CoinMama permits individuals to purchase bitcoins using a credit card/debit card. All that is required of you is to have a bitcoin wallet to receive the bitcoin.

How to buy bitcoin on CoinMama

Although buying bitcoin on CoinMama is simple. Meanwhile, setting up an account for the first time is very simple and straightforward. No worries, we have outlined the simplest procedures below on how to buy bitcoin on CoinMama.

Step 1: Set up your Account with CoinMama

Set up an account on CoinMama, confirm your email address. Then, Login and enter all your personal information and press save.

Step 2. Click on BUY BITCOINS

A page “Buy a different amount” will be displayed that lets you scroll on the amount of bitcoin to buy. This also shows the equivalent price of the bitcoin in dollars. After selection, click on the Buy Bitcoins button.

Step 3. Credit/Debit Card Selection

For the methods of payment display, choose the Credit/Debit Card. Then, enter your bitcoin wallet address. Your bitcoin wallet is where the bitcoin purchased will be transferred to, after payment confirmation.

Step 4. Type in your Billing Details and Address

You are requested for your billing details, address, phone number, and email. After that, a 4-digit code and confirmation for email will be sent you. Input the 4-digit code and click on confirmation in your email. Thus, a page will be displayed showing both email and phone successfully verified.

Step 5: Identification card (ID) Verification

Your ID may be uploaded for verification. This can be scanned or screenshot. Just make be sure that your name written on the ID, expiration date, the ID card numbers are clearly seen.

Meanwhile, step 5 can be overlooked if CoinMama does not ask when setting up your account.

Step 6: Payment Verification & Confirmation

Further, wait for a moment while your credit card payment is verified by CoinMama. Once the payment verification is successful, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. This will show the amount paid and the time it will take to deliver the Bitcoin to your wallet.

Moreover, in order to validate your payment with US, you would need to send the receipt (screenshot or snap image) or type the details and send it via email to us However, this important for Payment Authentication with US


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