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PayPal is one of the most well-known methods to send cash to companions, family, and sellers, through its website or smartphone app.  With PayPal, you can transfer cash to a companion or relative without paying any charges. All you require is your companion’s email address, telephone number, or PayPal username, and a bank account or credit/debit card information. However, you can either download the PayPal app to a smartphone to send the money or send it via PayPal’s official website

How to send money on PayPal – from PayPal Smartphone App

Step 1: Download the the app & Sign in

Download the PayPal app from Google Play or App Store, install it, and sign in. Dispatch the versatile application and sign in. 

Step 2: Send your money

Navigate to a landing page, there’s a toolbar at the lower part of the screen. Click on Send (on the left).

Step 3: Enter receiver information 

Enter the email address/telephone number of the individual or organization that you’d prefer to send the cash to. Some sections of the page require you to enter your details also — as such, individuals you’ve sent cash to or got cash from previously. 

Step 4: Enter the Amount of money 

Enter the amount of money you’re sending . Meanwhile, it is possible to change the currency type by clicking on the small arrow below the money amount. Further, click on Next for confirmation. 

Step 5: Payment Mode & Send 

After confirmation, check the details to be they are appropriate. Then, select the payment mode ( FRIENDS AND FAMILLY ).  Lastly, click on SEND NOW. The money issent safely. 

How to send money on PayPal – From PayPal Official website 

Step 1:  Visit PayPal Official website & Sign in

Open your favorite browser and visit PayPal’s official website, and sign in. 

Step 2: Select Send and Request

 After signing in, find Send and Request in the menu at the upper section of the page. Then, click on it.

Step 3: Enter the Receiver of Money details 

 Enter the details of individual or organization details in the text such as email address, username, or telephone number. Further, enter the amount of money to be sent. Then, Click on Continue when you’re set.

Step 4. Mode of Payment

PayPal will choose the mode of payment normally. But you change it that is not the mode of payment you want to use. So, click on the Change Payment Method before proceeding. 

Step 5: Click on Send Payment Now

 Cross-check on the beneficiary’s details, amount of money, and mode of Payment to be sure everything is appropriate. Then, Click on Send Payment Now. 

Moreover, in order to validate your payment with US, you would need to send the receipt (screenshot or snap image) or type the details and send it via email to us 

However, this important for Payment Authentication with US



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Ultimately, Cannabis is utilized as a result of the narcotic or mental hygiene impacts of THC and different dynamic elements found in it. Obviously, the THC is the compound in cannabis that causes users to get high. Get your favorite products of cannabis on by patiently exploring at the superior platform.

Variety of Real weeds available @ Highlifejanja are sativa weed , Indica, hybrid strains , and CBD sativa weed and Indica Type 

  – This is known as cannabis shrub that is can really be one of two variety of Cannabis which can be Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.

Further, the Sativa can be utilized to animate and invigorate individual faculties and body. While the Indica is all the more usually known for lessening tension and loosening up the body and psyche. Your selection is at your preference.

Hybrid Type

 – Hybrid strains  is a variety of Cannabis that is an interbre of Sativa and Indica which is needed to feel loose, yet euphoric. The crossbreeds are normally either Sativa or Indica predominant, with not many mixtures utilizing an equivalent portion of the variety.

CBD Type

 – The CBD is a great deal of consideration has been given to CBD for the latest cannabis variety.  This is as a result of its torment executing and loosening up attributes. CBD is one of the two fundamental synthetic compounds content in cannabis, while remain content is THC.

Meanwhile, the THC is the composition that provides high and is gathered in the leaves and buds of the flora. However, the CBD is not known to instigate a high and is essentially utilized as a pain-reliever all alone.


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