The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified antibiotic resistance. As one of the greatest threats to global healthcare systems . As treatments against numerous infections and illnesses are becoming less effective. Fortunately, however, a growing body of scientific research suggests that several cannabinoids have potent anti-bacterial properties . And could provide the solution to antibiotic resistance.

How Cannabis stocks Can Help

cannabis stocks

A study published earlier this year found that cannabidiol (CBD) is likely to be one of the most effective helper compounds out there, as it significantly enhances the efficacy of certain antibiotics[i]. Against a type of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus . Which often causes pneumonia, sepsis and other serious illnesses in humans, and which has become resistant to many antibiotics.

Does It Work For All Bacteria?

Bacteria are classified into two broad categories . Known as gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria . according to the type of cell wall they possess. As long ago as 1976, researchers discovered that both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are effective at killing gram-positive bacteria, including S. aureus and many other related germs[ii]. Further studies found that cannabis extracts are highly antimicrobial against some of the most common gram-positive pathogens, with all S. aureus within a 14 mm radius of a particular cannabis extract being completely annihilated[iii].

A separate study found that CBD is also a potent destroyer of gram-negative bacteria such as E. coli . But works via a different mechanism. The study authors discovered that just one treatment with CBD inhibits the ability of E. coli to form membrane vesicles, which are tiny bundles of proteins that are released by all gram-negative bacteria, and which play a crucial role in cell communication, pathogen-host interactions and antibiotic resistance[v].

So Is Smoking Weed Better Than Taking Antibiotics?

Despite the antibacterial punch that several cannabinoids carry, there is still some uncertainty over how to harness this benefit. Early studies indicated that both THC and CBD become much less effective . When they are dissolved in blood . which means that smoking marijuana is unlikely to be a viable treatment for bacterial infections.

However, as evidence for the bactericidal properties of marijuana continues to grow . It seems increasingly likely that the solution to antibiotic resistance will come from cannabis.

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