Best Cannabis Indica Strains most buy in 2020

Indica strains are typically the favourites among seasoned cannabis users. They’re usually talking about a nice, strong indica. Here are the best indica strains of 2020!

The age old question: indica or sativa? In a cannabis dispensary or coffeeshop, indica strains tend to be more popular (don’t get us wrong, we love sativas too!). Oftentimes, indicas are also believed to be more potent . But this isn’t necessarily the case. However, the blend of terpenes, cannabinoids . And other compounds found in indica strains tends to induce more relaxing and physical effects as opposed to sativas, which are more energetic and cerebral .

1- Ice Strain

ice strain

One of the most notable indica strains we carry is ICE . An acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme . ICE matures its bountiful . Sparkling buds in as little as 8 weeks of bloom . ICE is a hybrid of Northern LightsAfghan, and Skunk, a marriage that culminates in a spicy, earthy, and herbaceous aroma alongside a decadent high.


Buy Northern Light’s exact lineage and history are obscured in mystery . But it is generally believed to be a mix of two landrace building block strains – Thai and Afghani. We do know that the strain was perfected in Holland and has only begun . To make its way to America in more recent years.


Buy Sweet ZZ Strain a 40% sativa, 60% indica hybrid with an effect that’s far from couch-locking. This strain contains 22% THC and practically no CBD, culminating in a long-lasting, mostly cerebral high. When smoked or vaped, the mind relaxes first. In an instant, your cares will disappear as a big, soft cloud of grape-smelling goodness envelops the room and positive thoughts quickly replace any inkling of negativity. Sweet ZZ will be there to brighten your day.

When growing Sweet ZZ from seed . Young plants will develop rapidly. Indoors, most can be switched from veg to bloom at around four weeks. They can quickly stretch to well over a metre in the first couple weeks of flowering . Left unchecked, heights max out at around 140cm indoors and 200cm outdoors.


She exerts an impactful body high alongside stimulating cerebral effects, making for a well-rounded high. An 85% indica strain that shares genetics with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect a characteristically sweet and earthy flavour and aroma.



Our sweet Buy Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a touch of sativa and 19% THC. This magical blend of Bubble Gum and OG Kush inspires a relaxing, natural bliss as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble Kush grows up to 140cm indoors and 200cm outdoors, producing large yields in both settings.


This beloved indica-dominant hybrid was created by crossbreeding Oregon . Blueberry with the popular Original Cheese (UK Cheese).Buy Cheese strains have a pretty distinct taste and smell . And this definitely applies to Blue Cheese . Although it does have an extra hint of sweetness from the Blueberry. Aside from its wonderful taste, it also induces some very strong effects.


OG Kush - sativa strains

Buy OG Kush is a strain of world-renowned potency and flavour. It has a dank aroma that has inspired the flavour profiles of many other indica hybrids, with an aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. As you enjoy the flavour . You’ll enjoy equally intense body and head highs. A robust and easy-to-grow specimen, OG Kush can yield up to 550g/plant outdoors.


The distinctly sweet flavour of banana is appealing to many cannabis smokers. Crossing Banana with OG Kush created just the right combination in buy Fat Banana. This sticky green indica is called “fat” for a reason. Under the sun, it’s been shown to yield up to 500g/plant after 8 weeks of flowering. The result is a dense, generous specimen with over 25% THC in its yellow-tinged buds. Enjoy an arresting couch-lock only the best indica can deliver.


Purple strains aren’t only pretty to look at; they also pack some serious heat within their majestic buds. Purple Queen exerts powerful effects on both the mind and body. It’s smooth to smoke, with a full-bodied Kush flavour and a hint of lemon. This is a wonderful strain to unwind with after a long day at work. On top of all that, the heavy-yielder will leave you in awe of her canopy of glittering violet buds.

purple queen


buy royal cookies

Here at Royal Queen Seeds, we pride ourselves on Royal Cookies. Of all the indica genetics, Cookies stands out in the name of any strain. It typically produces an aroma of baked treats . Not unlike warm cookies. The sweet flavour of the smoke tantalises the senses . And—with a THC content reaching 23%—its high is a combination of full-body relaxation accented by an uplifting cerebral note. Pace yourself with this delicious stand-out from our catalogue.

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