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The “best” method of consuming cannabis INTO YOUR SYSTEM

The “best” method of consuming cannabis

The “best” method of consuming cannabis really depends on your preferences and how you prioritize convenience, price, strength, health, etc. In this article, we tackle the ins and outs of marijuana consumption and describe 14 common ways to partake of the wacky weed in order to help you determine which method is best for you.

Rolled-up joints are the topmost in the list of popularity, of course. They’re easy to make, people use practically any type of paper to smoke them and are also the most spread way of selling apart from the packages with clear dried buds.

One time I was on vacation far from any civilization in the mountains, and there were nobody with NO FRIGIN` papers, cuz I forgot to buy ahead.. What did I do? I found in my wallet a long forgotten receipt. There were some honey in the cabin, then I proceeded with the rolling and glued it all together with the honey. Despite the ink left in the receipt, I got quite high that day. In the US, the blunt is way more popular than rolling up a joint with regular paper.

We have all seen those images on pinterest and tumblr with all those freakin` sexy girls who smoke marijuana with bongs, bubblers and pipes. But what I haven’t seen before is the DAB thing. It will be a bit hard to explain it to you so see for yourself what the DAB smoking is. It turned out, that the DAB smoking way is quite controversial method and I wouldn’t go for it.

A top-item for friends and party people is smoking with a bong. Bongs bring a cooler, calmer high and should be used with slower inhalations. It utilize water which filters it and the smoke is less harmful. Some people like to experiment and make their own bongs. Well, almost 100% of them discover that it’s a waste of time, it’s not worth the lost herb in the process.


As an alternative to regular smoking with papers, is the vaporizers and are the most recommended ones. Some will tell ya, that the better choice is the vaporizer. It’s quite cheap when compared to other smoking tools (excluding the papers and blunts).
The best part is that doesn’t work with cheap and low quality stuff, so you’re also taking care for your health with it. The high is cleaner, faster and has less of a nauseating effect even with the faint-hearted.

The only disadvantage of the mobile vaporizer is that the market has been flushed instantly and you can find vaporizers with price range from 30$ to 500 $. So if you truly want the quality … prepare around 100 bucks for a decent vaporizer.







Love the baked goods, never tryied ice cream nor candy edibles though. But still, the most favorite recipe to me is mine recipe. Many times I ate space cakes, but … it seemed somehow vague to me. I don’t know maybe it’s me maybe every time the recipe was mistaken. So let me share one recipe with ya:

– 14 ounces (400 grams) of white frozen rice
– 0.350 – 0.400 (10 grams) ounces of weed – Two spoons of sunflower or olive oil

The Preparation

You’ll need a pan first of all. Pour the oil in it. On a slow fire heat up the oil. Grind the weed but not too much, it will loose its effect during the cooking if you grind it to powder.

Place the weed into the pan and continue to cook it with the oil on slow fire. Stir the weed with wooden spoon until all the pieces of marijuana turned black.

When that happen, you are ready to add the rice. Pour a bit of water with it and again on slow fire and steam it for 45 min. Divide the meal into 3 separate dishes and share with two of your best buddies. Wait an hour after you had it, and the trip begins. And seriously be careful and know your limits, as this will get you high for the whole day without letting it go.

  • Frankly, except cannabis milk, Canna milk or somewhere called managua (marijuana prepared with milk), I’m not such a fan of this kind of consummation. But I`m looking forward to try the manufactured beverages with marijuana. Having already several recipes with beverages, doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment and try new combinations.











There isn’t much about to say here. These kind of products and methods of ingesting the CBD and THC ingredients, are only made from medical marijuana and are not meant to get you high, but to heal you.

Bulbous, straight, transparent and matted – there are many containers and useful tools you can use to smoke marijuana. The question is – what do you care about the most? Do you care about burning time, evaporations, smell, suspiciousness, high or the amounts of THC or CBS you’ll inhale? Depending on the answer to this question, you should consider the individual possibilities.

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