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Resin Off – Cleaning SolutionVapes



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Resin Off (Extra Strength) is an earth friendly cleaning solution. It is designed to remove all types of resins from pipes, bongs, hands, scissors, and trimmers and more. It also works great for household and industrial uses. Resin Off is an all-natural product derived from D-Limonene (orange and/or lemon peels). It leaves your glass shiny and bright without providing any aftertaste or chemical smell.

If you want the ultimate way to inhale THC incognito, then you just found it. Distilled THC is the superior form of marijuana concentrates, it’s purity can reach 99%. This is possible due to advancements in the extraction technology.Shatter is great, but this stuff is the next big deal.


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Short Path Distillation allows the THC molecules to vaporize and separate from the organic compound in the purest method possible. You can really tell visually; the distilled products have a very clear, golden colour to them. Not the darker murky concentrates like shatter.The pen comes preloaded with Sour Diesel Shatter that\'s good for 100 tokes. .5ml of distilled thc No charging necessaryBattery portion is recyclable after use.Very easy to use and discreet. The vapor lasts for only a few seconds on the exhale and the smell dissipates quickly.

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