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Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Can Grinder


Rare Earth Magnet
3 Piece Spray Can Design
Razor Sharp Teeth
High-Quality Anodized Titanium
Santa Cruz Shredders
Made In Santa Cruz, California



The Santa Cruz Shredder Vogue Spray Can Grinder is unlike any other grinder on the market. With its unique resemblance to an actual spray can, this piece was made to be a showstopper. The lid connects to the bottom piece of the grinder using extremely strong earth metals, which guarantees that the lid will not accidentally come apart. Since this piece does not include a pollen screen, then entire bottom compartment of this grinder can be used for storage. The high-quality anodized titanium material of this product provides for a scratch-free surface and ensures effective and efficient usage for a long lifetime.

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