Best and most popular Sativa Strains 2019

These top 5 sativa strains provide you with an unforgettable high, spur creativity, make you feel uplifted and energetic but, above all, they are so strong that even the mighty Thor would get hammered if he smoked some of that kush. Okay, enough of the wordplay – let’s discover the true power of the sativa.

Best Sativa Strains

1. Jack Herer

Buy Jack Herer is the first of the top 5 sativa strains we’re about to discuss. It owes its name to the world-famous cannabis activists and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.”
This strain captures the cerebral elevation common for sativas. It also provides a user with a strong euphoric high combined with the burst of creativity. Jack Herer was first created in the Netherlands in the 90s and it managed to win some of the most prestigious cannabis awards. Many breeders praise this sativa strain for its top-notch quality and super-strong potency. It’s best to cultivate it in sunny Mediterranean climates. Although Jack Herer is also suitable for indoor growing, with a 50- to 70-day flowering time.

2. OG Kush

Although a ubiquitous strain, its origins are still a mystery for breeders. Buy  OG Kush is one of the staple strains of West Coast cannabis plants and according to a popular myth, it was parented by Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. It’s said that these two strains passed on the specific “kush” bud structure to their ‘child’. However, as I mentioned before, it’s a myth, so we can’t be sure about the true origins of this strong sativa.
What marijuana users appreciate about OG Kush is its ability to fight stress thanks to the energetic euphoria it provides. When it comes to the aroma and taste, the second of our top 5 sativa strains has an earthy pine and lemon scent. You’ll also note some woody flavors that make this variety so unique. Medical marijuana patients who use cannabis report improvements in ADHD, migraines, and stress disorders.

3. Sour Diesel

This is an 85/15 sativa strain that is famed for its potency. It actually has THC levels reaching up to 24%! Buy Sour Diesel comes with pain relief and the simultaneous burst of energy. The strain may prove challenging for cannabis rookies because of the heavy cerebral effects and the aforementioned rich THC content.
Characterized by light-green buds, orange hairs and milky trichomes, sour diesel strain allures cannabis enthusiasts with its pleasant pungent-and-pine aroma.
You can expect a happy and euphoric high with a burst of energy, creativity, and social interactions. Medical marijuana patients appreciate this sativa strain for the pain control it provides. When consuming Super Sour Diesel, you should have some eye drops to diminish the effects of eye dryness. In addition, beware of smoking too much of it, as you may end up experiencing signs of paranoia.

4.Green Crack

Buy Green Crack derives from two genetic varieties. The sativa strain descends from Skunk#1, which is the most common type, and the Indica’s origins reach the Afghani strain. In this particular case, we’ll take a brief look at the pure Sativa.
The bud of Green Crack weed has a sweet tropical flavor and is characterized by bright orange hairs and tight nugs. If you lack energy, Green Crack strain will boost its levels to a point which will help you make it through even the hardest day. That being said, if there’s a humdrum task awaiting and you need to spur your creativity, don’t hesitate! Simply pick this sativa strain. Because of the high energy levels it provides, Green Crack is most suitable for daytime use.
Green Crack sativa strain produces an energetic and creative high that keeps you full of motivation throughout the day. When it comes to medical marijuana patients, they report the stimulation of appetite and strong stress relief. This cannabis variety has moderate levels of THC (up to 20%) and modest amounts of CBN (9,5%).

5. Jack The Ripper

Also known as JTR, Buy Jack the Ripper is one of the most famous sativa strains from TGA Genetics, created by the breeder Subcool who discovered the strain while trying to make the famous Jack’s Cleaner in the form of seeds.
Some people describe Jack the Ripper as the fastest lemon haze available on the market. Its buds have an impressively resinous triangle shape, and the lemon-pine aroma can please the nostrils of even the pickiest cannasseur.
Jack the Ripper is also an outstandingly potent sativa strain, with THC levels over 20%. Because the high from the fifth of the 5 best sativa strains on this list is very intense, people who approach this cannabis variety for the first time should remain cautious, as JTR produces a visually stimulating effect, leaving inexperienced stoners dizzy or even paranoid.
How about you, my fellow stoners? What is your favorite Sativa and why? Share your thoughts with us!

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