Weed is now Legal in New York ?

weed in new york

New York has reportedly reached a deal of legal weed !!!

According to CNN , the proposal will eventually. alow New Yorkers over the age of 21 to grow their own plants in their own homes and 13% taxed would be tacked on to retail sales for states and local tax revenue

The deal follows marijuana legalization in neighboring New Jersey last month and , New Jersey Gov . Phil Murphy Signed bills to legalize and regulate marijuana use for those21 and older

Medicinal marijuana is legal in the state of New York; however, it’s a different story when it comes to recreational use. While marijuana has been decriminalized in recent years, it’s still illegal to cultivate or sell marijuana for recreational purposes.

The Legislation of weed in new york

If we get caught with 25 grams or less and it’s our first offense, we’ll only have to pay a $100 fine. A second offense will cost us $200. However, if we get caught for the third time, in addition to paying a fine, we might get some jail time.

If we have more than 25 grams on us or we’re smoking in a public place, we will have to pay a $500 fine. Moreover, we can get sentenced to three months in jail. Having more than 25 grams on our person is a misdemeanor, and the charges are possession with intent to distribute. As the number of grams we’re carrying increases, so do the fines.

As far as law enforcement goes, they are patrolling all the time, and many of them are undercover. If we have over 55 grams, the police will take us to a precinct immediately. On occasion, they can detain us for 48 hours.

Where To Buy Weed In New York

Since marijuana has become so decriminalized, there are many spots where we order weed online cheap.

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The locals Also recommend visiting a few spots where dealers usually hang out. The first is college campuses — more specifically, the NYU campus. We can find some students there who will help us find a dealer.


1.Union Square Park

Another great spot to find weed is on the north side of Union Square Park. During the day, there are many groups of people smoking and selling marijuana there. However, we recommend asking someone before going to the dealers. If we ask a smoker, they might tell us who has a high-quality product and the best prices.

2. Washington Heights

Washington Heights is also a great spot where tourists can find weed. Moreover, it’s usually of much better quality than the one in Union Square Park. We recommend finding the dealers that hang out on the south side of the park. Depending on where we buy the weed, the prices can start from $20 to $40 per gram.

3. Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana weed dispensaries are a great alternative if we’re only looking to buy some CBD oils or cannabis-based products. Moreover, dispensaries are legitimate businesses, so we are not breaking the law when buying from them. We can find a great selection of vape pens, tinctures, and capsules. However, we do need to be a medical marijuana card holder in order to buy from dispensaries.

Where Not To Buy

Some guides that talk about where to get weed in New York might recommend Washington Park. However, we advise against it. There are numerous undercover police officers at all times. Additionally, the dealers there can be aggressive, and going there after dark is a bad idea. Furthermore, they have recently put up hidden surveillance cameras in the park.

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